Monday, April 25, 2011

Yowie - Cryptooology (2007)

Yowie is a hardcore/avant-rock trio from our hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. The band is known for creating extremely visceral and "kung fu" compositions, usually achieved by using Beefheart-esque tunings, speeding up the time signature, and adding totally maniac drum textures. Today I'm presenting their debut LP, Cryptooology, which was released on Skin Graft records in 2007. If ya don't know about Skin Graft, check out there band page here. They've always had a really, really solid lineup which currently includes AIDS Wolf, Dazzling Killmen (another famous St. Louis avant-punk act), Melt-Banana(!), and Brise-Glace (O'Rourke+parts of Dazzling Killmen). Link in comments.

Also, don't miss their next live show on June 11 at the schizoid art/performance/junk hub Cranky Yellow on Cherokee.

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