Sunday, October 31, 2010

Enjoy Halloween?

Oh happy day! Here's some stuff to keep you busy with today before listening to Phish's album costume tonight!
Check this halloween mixtape out from Aquarium Drunkard. Mondo Boys

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Vid of the Day: Song To Sing When Im Lonely

I've been exploring the wide array of John Frusciante's (Red Hot Chili Peppers) solo career. He's one of the most talented, interesting guitar players of the last two decades. This one's off Shadows Collide With People. The acoustic version of "Song To Sing When I'm Lonely".

This is the stuff. Black Merda.

This is Black Merda (pronounced Black Murder).  This is the best release I've stumbled upon in months.  Black Merda hail from Detroit in the mid 60s early 70s, and they are the first group of black musicians to sound like this as far as I know.  What an unbelievable sound! I'll go gutsy and just claim that this is a fine blend of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin.  I won't say anymore, but don't miss this album.

Black Merda (self titled) (1970) located in comments

Friday, October 29, 2010

Guiding Light: Television 1975

This is art-punk. These two classic Television albums come out of the New York mid-seventies punk rock scene.  I can speak for my chummy contributorsin in saying that these have always been in our go-to albums collection, frequently seeing roatation.  They're nothing new, but I found links to them and wanted to toss them out for whomever to lick up. Links in comments.

Although by no means a gloomy album, this Verlaine classic is definitely an album I consider a classic for the coming of winter.   "See no evil"an unbelievable album starter, and "Venus" is an unbelievable follower to it. Tom Verlaine's guitar tone is just so signature. If I ever had to show some aliens what in the hell rock n roll is, I might just toss on this gem.  "F-R-I-C-T-I-O-N"

If Marquee Moon is a godsend for the coming of winter, Adventure is meant for the coming of summer. Any album would have a challenge following Television's debut, but I think this one does a more than satisfactory job, and its not like they gave a crap anyway.  It is more relaxed and does not riff like Marquee, but it is a classic in its own right.

Like a Hurricane

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this tasty Neil nugget, after reading that it was supposedly "the best Neil Young bootleg" out there. The show was recorded on November 15, 1976 at the Auditorium Theatre, the same era that "Cortez" came into prominence and the same year our hero trotted onstage at the Last Waltz with a lil' icing on his nose. God bless America. But what I was really thrilled to hear was it is a really diverse performace which showcases Neil's multiple talents as both a songwriter and a shredder. I'll withhold my claims of its brilliance, if you promise me to to at least listen to the 9:46 "Down by the River." Got it?

Link in Comments

Aloe Blacc - Good Things

For fans of Bill Withers, Al Green, and Stevie Wonder, Aloe Blacc is THE next feel good singer-songwriter. In 95' he was the emcee for the group Emanon, and finally took off with his 2006 solo album, Shine Through. He writes swell songs and Good Things is a perfect pick-me-up for this chilly Friday morn. Enjoy! Link located in the comments.

Aloe Blacc - Femme Fatale from BOUL2BEAT on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vid of the Day: Neil Young - The Old Laughing Lady

Here's Neil Young busking oustide the Apollo Theater in Scotland, playing The Old Laughing Lady on banjo for all the busy people to hear.  Footage comes from Jim Jarmusch's Crazy Horse documentary, "Year of the Horse", which I am excited to see. ~Tony

Neil Young - Old Laughing Lady (1976)
Uploaded by Julos77. - Explore more music videos.

World: Ghana Highlife

Over the past year I have absorbed a whole slue of African music, largely in part to Global Groove.  Amazingly, the continent can be divided up regionally into a vast number of music subgenres, with Western Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Mali, and Senegal) being my personal favorite.  It is all about high-life/afro-beat in this region.  High-life is characterized my group vocals laid out over cheap guitars and a quick-paced poly rhythm section.  You can feel the humility of each band on their lo-fi recordings and it makes discovering gems of the genre that much more special.  The music is played amongst families, passed down as tradition.  It is a cruial aspect of their society and a particular band's sound speaks wonders about the family they come from.  I'll be sure to continue featuring this style in the future, but for now I've posted two favorites to get started on! ~Tony
Dr. K. Gyasi & his Noble Kings - Sikyi-Highlife,Essiebons Enterprises Ltd.
1 Non stop medley of :
- Yede aba
- Mene menua mienu
- Sabarima
- Ebia Nie
- Amintiminim
- Siakwaa
- Nana agyei
2 Non stop medley of :
- Efie ne fie
- Nyankonton nko nyaa
- Kwankwaasem nti
- Egya ananse yi wonan baako
- Kwaadede meyare merewu
- Eda a mewu  
King Onyina - Original Evergreen Tunes vol. 1,
Decca , Happy Bird
1 Akoko aye bi agu
2 Onyame tie me su fre
3 Bebrebe ye musuo
4 Odo ye wu
5 Kate
6 Nya asem hwe
7 Me nuame mefre wo a
8 Destiny of Africa
9 Mebewu asei kwa
10 Aboa a onni dua
11 Ma ye ankonam mmobro
12 Ohia asoma wo
13 Sore befe mano
14 Dora nante yie


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Breathe Owl Breathe @ Shubas in Sept.

Over the years, my musical taste has developed into such a wide range of interests that I have a hard time actually defining my "style".  What characteristic does a band need in order to surely gain my attention and respect?  What is the cheapest ticket to my heart?  The only thing that I am consistently drawn to is individual intergrity.  When I find a band that is dulcetly pleasing, all the musician needs to seal the deal is to give off the impression that he/she is in the art form/business for the right reasons.  I hope that when I meet the musician, he/she will come off as a "cool dude".  It has been of my greatest fortune, that since coming to Chicago, I have been able to see several of the musicians in which I witness utmost integrity, live.  I have seen David Bazan humbly curse himself as he forgot a couple of lyrics to a song.  I have seen Kristian Matsson (of The Tallest Man On Earth) respectfully take down several hecklers more than several notches.  I have seen Justin Vernon alter his passionate croonings from Bon Iver folk to Gayngs' sexual soul.  I have seen NOMO, a afro-jazz ensemble that takes the cake for kindest local band in Chicago, in Grant Park.  However, Breathe Owl Breathe might have been the show that impressed me the most amongst all of these special artists.
        Tim, my collegiate cohort, and I took the redline to Shubas Tavern several weekends ago to see the Breathe Owl Breathe show on a somber Sunday evening.  Strand of Oaks and Chief were the openers, but those sets are going to require an entirely fresh post.  The first thing frontman Micah Middaugh told the crowd was that he would love if everyone would take a seat and get in a comfy position.  I might add that he has a polite, quiet composure that creates a peaceful atmosphere in the entire venue (see Home video below).  The band's humble presence mixed with the tavern's candles and quiet audience made for the most quaint of settings.  The group began their set with "Lake Light" and Micah instigated the crowd to create wind/wave noises to set the mood.  Picture an entire crowd sitting on the floor indian style, whispering waves to compliment the beautiful mixture of acoustic guitar and cello, the latter played by the gifted AndrĂ©a Moreno-Beals.  Each song was performed in this manner.  It was like I was sitting amidst a story time from my childhood classrooms.  The banter between songs brought the audience together and created a connection between the band and us.  It might sound cliche, but Breathe Owl Breathe made me feel special the entire set.  For "Swimming", Micah put on goggles and flippers to accompany his swimming dance.  On "Where Wolf", Andrea put on a wolf mother hat and crooned in an uncomfortable but passionate and beautiful manner as Micah pretended to be a subconscious teenage wolf who shaved his hair in order to fit in with the humans at school.  The show was so intimate and when it all came to an end, it was hard to leave and walk back out into the windy city.  I talked to Micah afterward, almost to test whether he could really be as friendly as his stage persona related, and he impressed me yet again as we talked for a little while about fishing in Wisconsin.  This amazing group has a charity project where they are making a nonprofit storybook for children to accompany their music.  They might just be the perfect band to play this winter as you curl up with your cocoa after a day in the cold. Enjoy! ~Tony
Breathe Owl Breathe - "Across The Loch"
Breathe Owl Breathe - "Own Stunts"
Breathe Owl Breathe - "Swimming"
 Download the band's Daytrotter Session. It's supa fly.

Breathe Owl Breathe- Dogwalkers of the New Age (Live at OPB) from on Vimeo.

Breathe Owl Breathe - Home from Mostly Midwest on Vimeo.

Breathe Owl Breathe - Own Stunts from Magic Central on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chicago Natives: Ezra Furman & The Harpoons

Local to Chicago, Ezra Furman and his backing band, The Harpoons, have been around since about 2006.  They have a total of around four albums of material floating around, with two official releases under the Minty Fresh Records Label: Banging Down The Doors in 2007 and Inside The Human Body in 2006.  Furman races out of the gates with acoustic, high-charged rhythms on nearly every song.  He creates catchy choruses, using a passionate strain in his voice.  Although he likely regrets the comparison, there is certainly a taste of Dylan in his music, not unlike The Tallest Man On Earth or Isaac Brock from Modest Mouse.
It has comes to my attention recently that Furman plays solo shows for only $6 at Shubas in Chicago several times a month, so I plan to see him very soon.  Banging Down The Doors is filled with inventive lyrics and exciting song after exciting song (although it could benefit from a bit of variety).  Highlights on the album are "I wanna be Ignored", "How Long Diana?", and "My Soul has escaped from my body." ~Tony
Download in Comments

take off your sunglasses from 35east on Vimeo.

The SXSW Pool Sessions: Ezra Furman (1/2) from WBEZ on Vimeo.

The SXSW Pool Sessions: Ezra Furman (2/2) from WBEZ on Vimeo.
(also check out his Heroine (Velvet Underground) cover on the tube)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Unreleased Pavement Gems

Pavement may still have a few dates left on their reunion stint, but I've likely missed my opportunities to see the boys this year, as I missed Pitchfork, the KC date, and the Chicago date.  I stink.  Anywho, to rub their legacy in my face just a little more, the fine people over at Willfully Obscure have compiled a fine collection of unreleased and/or rare Pavement tracks entitled Stack o' Slack.  I've never owned much non-LP Pavement material, so this collection has been really enjoyable for me.  Below is the tracklist and a link to the download. ~Tony

Alaska (Malkmus llive)
Black Walls (Stray Slack boot)
Bob Nastanovich readin' poetry
Cadillac Darling (Lakespeed, Malkmus pre-Pavement)
Canada (Silver Jews Cover)
Carl The Clod (live)
Coming Close To Being Born (Bag-o-Bones, Malkmus pre-Pavement)
Debris Slide (live)
Disorder (Joy Division Cover live 10-7-99)
Federal Dust (Silver Jews Cover)
Golden Boys
I Want Candy (Malkmus live)
In Between Days (Malkmus live)
Kitten In Porterville (live CCR cover)
Lithium (live Nirvana cover)
Robyn Turns 26 (At Home With the Groovebox comp track)
Sebadoh~Helen Stones (6-20-93 Copenhagen, SUTC boot)
Shaky Brow (Lakespeed, Malkmus pre-Pavement)
Sprite Drinker (live)
The Hexx (1999 Peel Session)
unknown live track
What Goes On (live Velvet Underground cover)


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Late Greats: Gram Theft Parsons

Amongst my favorite country singers, the late-great Gram Parsons also happens to be the musician most influential in getting me back into country music.  His multiple projects are a separate entity of country in themselves.  With subsequent albums, the honesty and truth he conveyed in his lyrics even at an early age, continued to expand. 
After leaving Harvard early, Parsons began the International Submarine Band in 1966, and produced the debut album, Safe At Home.  This album forged Parsons classic sound and payed tribute to six country classics.

International Submarine Band - Luxury Liner
Whiskeytown - Luxury Liner (cover)

After touring this album for a short time, Parsons joined the ashes of the earliest Byrds lineup and collaborated with them on the 1968 album, Sweetheart of the Rodeo.  Although The Notorious Byrd Brothers is certainly my favorite Byrds album, Sweetheart is a staple in their discography and arguably the first alt-country album.  It moved far away from the original psychedelic-drenched sound of the Byrds and moved towards a twangier, traditional sound.  Gram Parsons completely revolutionized the Byrds' sound.

The Byrds - The Christian Life

After his stint in the Byrds, Parsons moved towards a group that allowed him a significant increase in creative control.  In what has become my favorite Parson's material, The Flying Burrito Brothers crafted songs with a fine mixture of traditional country and folk and rock n roll, soul, and gospel.  Their debut album, The Gilded Palace of Sin, has become one of my favorite country albums.

The Flying Burrito Brothers - Long, Black Limousine

Four months after his death due to a drug overdose in Joshua Tree, his enormously influential career came to a peak with his solo album, Grievous Angel.  Parson dubbed his style, "Cosmic American Music", and I think this is best exemplified in this solo album. 

Gram Parsons - Hickory Wind


Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Soundz: Madjo

French - Senegalese singer, Madjo, just came to my attention from the fine people at Aurgasm.  Her debut album, Trapdoor, came out this year and is a fine blend of vintage pop and subtle folk.  To be perfectly honest, I know little to nothing about this artist, likely because she's rather obscure even in her native areas.  However, she is surely beautiful and surely writes beautiful songs.  Enjoy your Saturday morning! ~ Tony
 Le Monstre

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bienvenidos! This is our music blog.

This music blog is an eclectic collection of the media that drives our lives.  In my confident opinion, it is the musical art form that delves deepest into what life is all about.  It is music that speaks most honestly what cannot be said in common speech.  I have had brief music blogs in the past that faded away because I felt like I was merely speaking to myself.  Because music is a communal experience, often played, discussed, and enjoyed in groups, it is only natural that music blogging should be shared likewise.  Will and I have been friends in music for years now, and although miles separate us from Stephen's Point to Chicago, we hope to continue our rummaging, swapping, and discussing with you in this musical blogosphere, on OldCrippledMen in particular.  As you may find things you like on here, we hope you'll in turn leave us some nuggets of your own in the comments or in the mailbox at .  Thanks for listening.  ~Tony

I think I can speak for William in saying that this Bela Fleck tune from Live @ The Quick has been one that we always come back to.  Lordie, Jeff Coffin is unbelievable.