Friday, October 22, 2010

Bienvenidos! This is our music blog.

This music blog is an eclectic collection of the media that drives our lives.  In my confident opinion, it is the musical art form that delves deepest into what life is all about.  It is music that speaks most honestly what cannot be said in common speech.  I have had brief music blogs in the past that faded away because I felt like I was merely speaking to myself.  Because music is a communal experience, often played, discussed, and enjoyed in groups, it is only natural that music blogging should be shared likewise.  Will and I have been friends in music for years now, and although miles separate us from Stephen's Point to Chicago, we hope to continue our rummaging, swapping, and discussing with you in this musical blogosphere, on OldCrippledMen in particular.  As you may find things you like on here, we hope you'll in turn leave us some nuggets of your own in the comments or in the mailbox at .  Thanks for listening.  ~Tony

I think I can speak for William in saying that this Bela Fleck tune from Live @ The Quick has been one that we always come back to.  Lordie, Jeff Coffin is unbelievable.

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