Monday, October 25, 2010

Unreleased Pavement Gems

Pavement may still have a few dates left on their reunion stint, but I've likely missed my opportunities to see the boys this year, as I missed Pitchfork, the KC date, and the Chicago date.  I stink.  Anywho, to rub their legacy in my face just a little more, the fine people over at Willfully Obscure have compiled a fine collection of unreleased and/or rare Pavement tracks entitled Stack o' Slack.  I've never owned much non-LP Pavement material, so this collection has been really enjoyable for me.  Below is the tracklist and a link to the download. ~Tony

Alaska (Malkmus llive)
Black Walls (Stray Slack boot)
Bob Nastanovich readin' poetry
Cadillac Darling (Lakespeed, Malkmus pre-Pavement)
Canada (Silver Jews Cover)
Carl The Clod (live)
Coming Close To Being Born (Bag-o-Bones, Malkmus pre-Pavement)
Debris Slide (live)
Disorder (Joy Division Cover live 10-7-99)
Federal Dust (Silver Jews Cover)
Golden Boys
I Want Candy (Malkmus live)
In Between Days (Malkmus live)
Kitten In Porterville (live CCR cover)
Lithium (live Nirvana cover)
Robyn Turns 26 (At Home With the Groovebox comp track)
Sebadoh~Helen Stones (6-20-93 Copenhagen, SUTC boot)
Shaky Brow (Lakespeed, Malkmus pre-Pavement)
Sprite Drinker (live)
The Hexx (1999 Peel Session)
unknown live track
What Goes On (live Velvet Underground cover)


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  1. wow great, thanks!I've seen them twice in the reunion, i just hope i'll see them once again. Great live performance