Friday, October 29, 2010

Guiding Light: Television 1975

This is art-punk. These two classic Television albums come out of the New York mid-seventies punk rock scene.  I can speak for my chummy contributorsin in saying that these have always been in our go-to albums collection, frequently seeing roatation.  They're nothing new, but I found links to them and wanted to toss them out for whomever to lick up. Links in comments.

Although by no means a gloomy album, this Verlaine classic is definitely an album I consider a classic for the coming of winter.   "See no evil"an unbelievable album starter, and "Venus" is an unbelievable follower to it. Tom Verlaine's guitar tone is just so signature. If I ever had to show some aliens what in the hell rock n roll is, I might just toss on this gem.  "F-R-I-C-T-I-O-N"

If Marquee Moon is a godsend for the coming of winter, Adventure is meant for the coming of summer. Any album would have a challenge following Television's debut, but I think this one does a more than satisfactory job, and its not like they gave a crap anyway.  It is more relaxed and does not riff like Marquee, but it is a classic in its own right.


  1. marquee moon:


  2. Nice one, you oldcrippledmen! You and your readers may like to know that Television addicts have got a nice little (well, vast) archive of Television/Verlaine/Lloyd/Hell recordings going over at edo's - what there is out on the web (which is most of everything) is indexed here:

    1974-75 studios demos? Adventure studio outtakes? Bundles of live gigs? Later solo concerts and the Television reunion? All there! Go take your fill, enjoy and leave us a comment, eh? Cheers, Dave Sez.