Friday, December 17, 2010

Mount Eerie - No Flashlight: Songs of the Fulfilled Night (2005)

I guess itunes genres sometimes are right, as there really is no better way to describe this album than "unclassifiable." No Flashlight: Songs of the Fulfilled  Night is musical genius Phil Elverum's first LP outside of his The Microphones moniker and in it, he continues to find strange new places to take music.  Upon trying to elaborate on this album, it seems that every description would only lead to contradiction.  Sometimes it is heavy, dark, and bold while sometimes it is slow and comforting.  It could be found to be one of the greatest albums ever in years to come if it weren't so incomprehensible and obscure. One thing is for sure though, this album is extremely emotional and disengaging for those who really listen. Put on some Cocoa, give it a spin.

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