Monday, December 6, 2010

Sufjan Stevens - Age of Adz (2010)

1. "Futile Devices" 2:11
2. "Too Much" 6:44
3. "Age of Adz" 8:00
4. "I Walked" 5:01
5. "Now That I'm Older" 4:56
6. "Get Real Get Right" 5:10
7. "Bad Communication" 2:24
8. "Vesuvius" 5:26
9. "All for Myself" 2:55
10. "I Want to Be Well" 6:27
11. "Impossible Soul" 25:35

After recently posting the new Roots' album last week, which happens to be my favorite hip-hop album of the year, I realized that it would be fitting for me to throw a bunch of other year-end favorites as a sort of recap to 2010. This new disc from Sufjan shows him at the very top of his game as far as songwriting is concerned. It is his most ambitious album to date and shows his to be a great contemporary composer. As good as it is, the high production level loses me at times and so it is probably floating near the 20th mark on my top albums of 2010 list.

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