Friday, February 18, 2011

Refresh the Calendars: King of Limbs TODAY

After shocking the hell out of all us by announcing the release of their eighth album King of Limbs earlier this week, Radiohead thought they may as well release it one day earlier--today. It's a new day, folks, and I'm looking forward to this album defining my next couple weeks.

I'm about two listens in, and though I won't spoil the suspense, I will say this: it's the most natural album they've made. I won't call it a masterpiece, yet--I'm not quite qualified at a mere two listens--but there's some goddamned beautiful moments.

King of Limbs is available digitally for only 9 bones on the album website. Do yerself a solid and buy it here.


Dig the music video for the kick-ass "Lotus Flower" here.


  1. Thank you kindly for listing me in your blogroll. Allow me to return the favour :)

  2. Groovy man, the LA forum post is awesome. thanks

  3. dude they're releasing the album on two 10"s. you don't need to 10"s for 37 minutes of music.

    we've got more coming, ladies and gentlemen

  4. Interesting take, I find this album to be rather unnatural. But it appears that Radiohead has once again proven to be the only band that can out-Radiohead Radiohead.

    I've also been hearing the same rumors as Austin. stoked.