Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some Snow Day Picks

We got a snow day in Chicago today. It was awesome. The school hasn't had one since the mid seventies. Everyone's really happy slugging away the day away from classes. Here's some things I've been digging through to give my fellow snow day hooligan fill the day's time.

Here's an awesome compilation called Psych Funk Sa-Re-Ga!, a collection of world psychadelic funk classics I listened to a bunch yesterday. Grab a copy in the comments.

This is an unbelievable track from the Fleet Foxes Spring album release that they chose to release early. I've forgotten how amazing Robin Pecknold is over the last year. They're new release is going to blow me away, I can feel it.
Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

To follow up my last Tom Waits post, I began some heavy listening to this 1974 follow up, which I'm thinking I might even like more than closing time. The opening track, "New Coat Of Paint" just hits home so hard for me. He's still nailing the piano ballads and sounding nothing like the Tom Waits I thought I knew. I put this one in the comments too.

Pretty Lights has released a remix of Kanye West’s new track, “All Of The Lights,” which he debuted on New Year’s Eve at the Congress Theatre right here in Chicago.
Kanye West - All of the lights (Pretty Lights remix)

Pretty cool party mixtape from this Brooklyn rap outfit.
Das Racist - Check Yo Ponytail Mix Tape


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  2. You lucky bastard. I think I got all of 20 minutes of school off for snow in my years in CPS.

    That Tom Waits album is fantastic, was actually my introduction to him. Thanks for the other album, I saw it in Permanent Records. Will probably pick it up if it's as good as I expect.

    I dig what you guys have been posting, so I linked you on my page. Feel free to do the same if you like what you see here.


  3. Oh yea dude we lucked out bigtime, thanks for the add, we'll check your stuff out and put you on the sidewall soon.

  4. tony that psych-funk is hot, hot in the jazz sense