Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dream/Aktion Unit - Blood Shadow Rampage (2006)

One of the things that I really love about the improv/noise/jazz scene of the 21st Century, is that since most musicians have a very similar understanding of rhythm ad sound, they have taken many opportunities to make collaborative efforts with fellow noisemakers. While little known due because they've only released one and never had a proper tour, I present to you perhaps the most incredible super-lineup that I've ever heard of in modern music: Dream/Aktion Unit. Consisting of (to name a few notables) drummer Chris Corsano (of the psychedelic Flowers-Corsano du0), guitarist Thurston Moore, guitarist Jim O'Rourke, and saxophonist Paul Flaherty, the band caught my attention at first for no other reason than its novelty as one of my favorite line-ups ever. If you know any of their individual works, its pretty much a combination of what you'd expect. Thurston contributes eerie ticks and scratches of guitar, O'Rourke adds the beef, cymbal-heavy Corsano pounds away in a flood, and Flaherty adds Mats Gustafsson-like sax squeals. If you don't really like this kinda stuff, I understand why you might think it can be obnoxious or silly sometimes, but I really dig and I think you can learn a lot about music by listening to composers like these folks. Link in comments.



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