Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Willie Wright--Telling The Truth ('77)

It's officially summer for this old crippled man. Picked up this great album last week.

Willie Wright is a mostly forgotten soul singer, who croons like a true ladies man, smooth as can be with the softest of instrumentation accompanying him. He belongs on the beach, far from trouble--except the kind in his heart, which comes out beautifully in his voice on every track. He's a little like of that guy in Life Aqautic, who's scattered throughout the movie playing Bowie songs in Portuguese, but you know, interesting. and a lot better.

So as the dog day afternoons of the sultry summer turn to pleasant evenings this June, be sure to turn to Willie Wright for company as you barbecue, smoke cigars and sip on jack and cokes.

I'm especially fond of "Africa", "Right On for the Darkness" and "Nantucket Island". grab it in the comments.



  2. I too discovered this album earlier in the year, and it pretty much soundtracked my summer, I've just stuck it on again tonight and on a cold rainy winter night in Scotland, it's working it's magic again.
    A truly fantastic album.

  3. Willie Wright, now age 73, has come out of retirement to make another quirky, superbly soulful album. It's called "This is not a Dream" and you can find it on Amazon, ITunes, etc., and he has his own web site to sell it, at
    The new tunes are his familiar/unusual mixture of soul and folk, country and blues - the voice is fragile but poignant and still has power. The writing is as good as his earlier work, and the warmth of that smooth-as-butter voice comes through as it always did back in the day.