Friday, November 25, 2011

Broadcast - The Noise Made By People (2000)

      I've never been able to nail down exactly why, but I tend to have a very polarized opinion in regards to vocalists, especially female vocalists. Broadcast, in my opinion, had one of the best female vocalists around, Trish Keenan. She had a mesmerizing, almost seductive, voice that seems to belong with the jazz vocalists. She doesn't get caught up in the frustrating overuse of vibrato and delivers crisp and piercing, yet simple, melodies over the ominous music of the band.

     The album begins with an eerie synth wavering in the foreground and the siren's voice becons to the listener,  "will you stay, now you're here," you want to stay, you want to keep listening. Much of the album bears the burden of the minor key with screeches from strings and synths which at many times are very uncomfortable. Such a juxtaposition with the comforting voice leaves the listener questioning whether or not to trust her. "Come on let's go," she pleads. It's in the comments if you need a taste.

Here's the fourth track on the album,



  2. Reeeeallly love Broadcast, Bill. Have you given "Broadcast and the Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age" a listen? It's more sound-collage, but it's got the eerie pop thing down. Super great.

  3. Thanks for the tip-off Dan, I'll be giving 'er the old college try real soon.