Thursday, November 10, 2011

No Trend - Tritonian Nash Vegas Polyester Complex (1987)

No Trend pissed people off. They pissed everybody off, even the sharp dressed punks who acted like all-time bad-asses, but in reality spent time in their rooms letting the mirror decide just how punk and black and sharp they really looked. No Trend played their name. They saw through how punk was in itself a trend, despite the very trend being "we're against trend". No Trend was as nihilistic as it gets, a harsh truth, they were really Against The Grain. When punk was amidst its Straight Edge fling, No Trend says "Mass Sterilization Caused By Venereal Disease".

The music is gold, too--loud lounge jazz, horns blazing perhaps, rock 'n roll, noir punk, and poetically cringing lyrics in which no matter who you are, you will find yourself in the cross-fire of their finger-points. And that was their deal I guess, their intention was a freak show, to say screw 'em to everybody.

Here's a video of their Big Hit "Teen Love", in which two plastic-eyed, algebra class lovers meet their end in a fatal car wreck. What a song. and grab Tritonian Nash Vegas Polyester Complex in the comments.


  1. Here is Tritonian Nash Vegas Polyester Complex:

  2. Hey thanks for the tipoff Will, I wasn't actually aware of this album before. blog success story

  3. Thanx for writing the story/info about the NO TREND.