Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2011 so far

2011 has been a pretty good year of music so far and I like to keep thinking that it will continue to destroy 2010.   Outside of all of the highly anticipated releases, a lot of bands are starting to create pretty big names for themselves with some pretty fucking good albums.
     Firstly I would like to give a shout out to Peaking Lights and their most recent effort 936 which is a vast improvement over anything they have ever done.  It brings a fusion of psychedelic pop with dub which along with some high-quality low-fi production provide for a wholly original tape that rides smoothly the whole way through.   Heavily reverberated vocals appear to be strategically placed throughout the album and used more to create layers of sound, often which is chilling.  All-in-all, this is one of the most solid neo-psychedelia albums out there in it's lush synths, steady bassline, creepy delay-ladden guitars, solid production, as well as sheer originality. I wouldn't be surprised if this album is up there in my top albums of the year come December.
     Next in line we have Gruff Rhys and his February release of pop-sensation Hotel Shampoo.  Gruff is the leader of everybody's favorite Super Furry Animals and has constructed a quirky and somewhat trivial album that just screams fun-loving summertime.  It's all pretty soft stuff, with most of the tracks being around 3 minutes long. What is so enticing about the album is just the overall relaxing feel that is most prominently displayed in Gruff's soft voice and quaint lyrical jostlings. The album is very well balanced and flows in and out of catchy and upbeat songs to tracks that just don't have a whole lot going on.  check em out.

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