Thursday, March 24, 2011

Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn (2003)

Do Make Say Think's 4th full-length, and one of the greatest post-rock albums I'm aware of. Post-rock is often the genre I connect with most on an emotional level, except maybe for punk which is for completely different reasons. The genre offers long soundscapes that allow for a close relationship to develop between the listener and the music. In an almost cunning manner, albums like this will latch on to your senses, even if you're preoccupied doing something else while listening, so that each crescendo and moment of near-silence weighs so much heavier on your emotions. Do Make Say Think nail this technique on this disc, with a mixture of uplifting and sombre feelings throughout. It has a nice jazz influence, like Tortoise that sets it apart from most, more repetitive post-rock, and the percussion section is damn tight. get it in comments



  2. way to articulate your thoughts man! i love the way you describe the relationship between us listeners and lovely music like this.

  3. This is indeed really nice post rock; the added jazziness makes it really stand out.

    One of the best albums I've heard all week. Thanks for that.