Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Blur of Britpop

Damon Albarn is a pop enthusiast.
After ransacking through the grimy, yet orally-spirited hip hop pop of the Gorillaz discography (Plastic Beach, especially--see Tony's review below), I thought back at the other Albarn projects I was familiar with. There was his DJ Danger Mouse collabo in"The Good, The Bad and the Queen", a very somber, melodically beautiful album which whips me off to some past time period every time I hear it, where royal families dance around in neon leotards and trendy corset dresses.

And there was that one song by Blur, you know with the "Woohoo!" chorus? I wasn't even sure there were any other lyrics.

Blur is the best example of modern day britpop (by the way, Blur > Oasis) there is. Parklife is whimsical, relentlessly catchy, and of course, so so poppy. Albarn sings with the most over-obvious British accent its almost like he is curbing himself to Americans who get joy from hearing British people say "me" instead of "my" (for example, "where is me necktie, brummie?"). I know I do.

Check out Parklife. But perhaps wait until Summer vacation hits, so you can listen to it with the windows down, the air blowing freely, and the soul of pop music in your veins.