Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pedro The Lion - It's Hard To Find A Friend (2001)

Intimate and honest. These are the two qualities that have always characterized David Bazan's discography and made his impact so profound on me. This is the debut full length, recorded in 1998 under the moniker Pedro The Lion, where it all began. Bare bone arrangements and confessional lyrics sprawl the entire disc and cover material of friends, family, and faith. He doesn't joke. He is always pure. His baritone voice always resonates on an emotional level even in his most delightful pop hook moments (yes, his delectable guitar hooks are still present on tracks like "Big Trucks" and "When They Really Get to Know You They Will Run").

My only issue with the album is also my only issue I've ever had with Bazan, and that is his occasional song that is simply to musically minimal. Tracks like "The Longer I Lay Here" and "The Well" could just be so much stronger if he'd not settle into such a repetitious rhythm. Anyway, I'd rather you just ignore my petty criticism and just check this one out. One of the greatest songwriters of my generation began right here on It's Hard To Find A Friend. There is no one I could recommend more seeing live by the way.

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