Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Books - The Lemon of Pink (2003)

One would expect that the fusion of polar opposite genres to create folktronica would provide for many inconsistencies and lack of cohesion at times.  However, it is actually this juxtaposition and the absence of anything like it that is so enticing.  The Books have always been one of the front-runners in the genre and The Lemon of Pink is probably their best work out there.  The talented folk musicians and songwriters feature heavy sampling of random loops that take you back to the days of Kid A. There are a lot of  words on this album, most of which are samples of people talking in weird languages but as for vocals, they are seldom but very pleasing when they come around.

I'll be honest, people are either going to really love this album or really hate it.  The underlying genius borders absurdity at times and can be somewhat inaccessible.  However, I tend to think that it can be intrinsically appreciated as an album to throw on and just chill out to.  Just go and check it out, that's why we are all here anyway.



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