Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Crippled Tunes - Monophonics

Take a dive into the grooving-er side of life with this funky-ass 2010 release from Monophonics. Closely comparable to The Budos Band and Nomo, Into the Infrasounds is sure to get you windy city boys (and all other connoisseurs of dank/dunk/funk/punk) shakin' yer butts deep into the blue city night.

I guess this is one of those albums where I am left speechless. It could very well be the best music in the world, if you dig it. So I'm not gonna waste time with metaphors and comparisons.

All I'll say is that this thing moves. It's got texture. And it reminds me once again that there's a lot of insane music being made out there.

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