Monday, November 29, 2010

The Blue Pill, Red Pill Drill

By now I'm assuming all you college kids are back at school; and with that realization comes some bad news. Turkey Day is over, ya bum; and the next couple weeks of projects and exams are going to fucking suck, really. Fortunately, you've got a few options.

The Red Pill:

Storytelling by Belle & Sebastian

First off, this isn't Belle & Sebastian's best album. Nor is it my favorite. Nor is it the first that I would recommend to a friend. But, I believe that its their most uniquely beautiful and strangely haunting album. I've come back to her time after time during these miserable fall afternoons always so be pleased with the shyly suggestive lyrics and soft hooks. "Black and White Unite" and "Big John Shaft" are two of my absolutely favorite B&S tunes, and the instrumental "Fiction" will set you at ease after only a few doses. This album is supposed to be a soundtrack for a movie, but I've never heard of the actual film. There is some hilarious dialogue bytes from the film in the album, though. If you don't have it, give it a few listens and take what you need out of it. Leave the rest though.

The Blue Pill:

Copper Blue by Sugar
Bob Mould is on the complete opposite side of the dial from Steve Murdoch. After the breakup of his hardcore/college rock legendary band Husker Du, Mould came back strong with punk hooks and a whole lot of catchy melodies with Sugar. If you like Husker Du, this is a lot different (I Think), but the melodies and sentiments are similar. Add more R.E.M. to Husker, and subtract some Dead Kennedys guitar, and this is what you might be left with. Really great album thats sure to help you through some times.

So, if you wanna lay down and see if the exams might take themselves, listen to Storytelling. If you wanna humbly kick their asses though, spin Copper Blue. Either way, have a great night. Links are doin' what they do best in the comments.


  1. Storytelling:
    Copper Blue:

  2. great post Austin, i got that bob mould at reckless and it rules