Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Sound of Silence

This past week Thom York was featured in the release of a  2 minute long silent song and video in honor of fallen British soldiers.  They believed that rather than recording a song, a track of just silence would allow people a time for reflection and to remember the people who gave their lives.  This song is currently in the process of making it's debut into the top 5 singles on itunes in the UK, toppling the mighty reigns of artists such as "McFly" and "Take That". Pretty cool, ya?


  1. Not cool. No comparison between those who gave their lives in a real war, the Second World War, and those otherwise unemployables who for a wage give their bodies, like prostitutes, to futher racist wars against 'the other'. Brave killers of hotel receptionists and many more crimes yet to be revealed. The same poppy for those who stood against Hitler, and a bunch of Sun readers with guns ? The currency has been fatally debased.

  2. pretty cool in the sense that a good cause is still capable of surpassing its competitors, i mean of course I agree with what you're sayin