Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lord Huron: Have ya heard him?

Coming out of nowhere like Bon Iver in 2008, somewhere deep within the nooks and crannies of Los Angeles, Lord Huron created 2 fantastic EPs in 2010 that are beginning to burst into hard drives across the world.   Seriously, this is the best find that I have had this year; fantastic earthy and atmospheric instrumentation composed with tropical drums and folk guitar is accompanied with chilling vocals that really make their music special. With only a mere 7 tracks out, be sure to grab both of the EPs and start to pray for a full length.


link in comments


  1. into the sun EP:

    mighty EP:

  2. The old Mighty EP link is dead, here is a new one:

  3. The 2nd Mighty EP link is broken as well now....

  4. Any working links to these releases?