Monday, November 1, 2010

The Freeborne: Peak Impressions

In my most recent plunderings of mostly forgotten psychedelia albums, I stumbled upon these bad boys and their sole album Peak Impressions. All-in-all, it is just a really fun album to listen to, reminiscent of the early Doors mixed with a bit of Sgt. Pepper's.   Everything is pretty laid back with some compelling organ and woodwind work layered with soft delay-encumbered vocals.  The drummer relies heavily on the toms and splashy cymbals during the buildups and they breakout with some impressive electric organ and guitar duels. The album has unbelievable flow from track to track, with none of the songs really overpowering the next.  I was also very impressed with the production quality which is actually perfect, somewhat of a rarity among these type of releases.  Anyway, go check this one out now.
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