Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who's Sick of Cheesy Love Songs?

Not this guy, but let me explain. There are two kinds of love songs, and I happen to only hate one of the types. The first type consists of the in your face, lyrically obvious, cheeseball love song. 80s hair metal and club singers eat these songs up, but I typically can't go for them. However, I find nothing cheesy in songs that happen to remind me of love and relationships, when the song doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the topic. I find music to be inherently good when it creatively captures a feeling, without naming the material in the damn title. This categorizing of love songs came into mind after watching Wes Anderson's 1996 debut, Bottle Rocket, again last night with some friends. The film analyzes several romantic themes throughout, and his musical choices to score these scenes are as always impeccable. International and obscure music emerges just as Anthony begins a relationship with Inez, a woman from Paraguay whose language barrier would normally leave Anthony lost in translation. However, the beautiful part is that their emotions drive the relationship to life without the obvious romantic dialogue. The music works in the same manner, where sentimental and loving themes are conveyed by mere sounds and created atmospheres. The music parallels their hotel relationship, as both work to convey love without the expected dialogue, creating a much more sincere depiction. Good art is that which can capture the feelings and emotions that words typically cannot, and Bottle Rocket succeeds in this aspect.
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