Monday, November 29, 2010

Mimicking Birds - Mimicking Birds (2009) (a pun?)

Winter is enclosing a lot faster than any of us would have wanted.    Staring into an overcast sky an overcoming feeling of solemnity and recognition that the warm tones of summer are long gone begins to seep in.  Preparation starts for the great change by dusting off the old SAD light and thickening up the stockpile the chai tea.  The Mimicking Birds' 2009 debut self-titled album is a prefect representation of the kind of music that begins to take over the stereo.  A slow acoustic guitar encumbered with a layer of  vocals reminiscent of Edward Droste (Grizzly Bear) brings a meditative state of ambiance.  Subtle whispering and a reserved falsetto bring a very personal and humanistic feeling that is, in itself,  the feeling of winter.  Enjoy!

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