Wednesday, November 3, 2010

kings of mashup: The Kleptones

To follow up the beat-gem that is Bullion's Pet Sounds, I give you The Kleptones, aka Eric Kleptone. Kleptone is a UK DJ that has released several internet-only mashup projects. The most notable projects have included taking the albums A Night At The Opera and Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, by Queen and Flaming Lips respectively, and tossing conscience hip hop lyrics/tv and film dialogues on top of them. All of these projects can be downloaded fo free at the website posted below. I also posted one of my favorite cuts, off his 24 Hours album, "11:50 Closer To The Boxer" below. Don't write this off as just another lame, free mashup project. Kleptone has great taste and style, and all these albums are equally worth checking out.

The Kleptones homepage is right here !

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