Friday, November 19, 2010

Brazilian Tropicalia Update: Os Mutantes have reunited

Psychadelia from Brazil for your buns. Their self titled debut from 1968's been spinning in the room all morning, as I'm very excited to have discovered that this group has reunited and are playing chicago in a few weeks. If anyone knows how they sound as a live band these days, I'd love a comment on it. I'm really not sure how this album will sound live 40+ years later.
Anyhow, regardless of the reunion, holy moley is this album fun!

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  2. uh, I saw them play in 2006 and I thought that was a reunion. You mean they reunited again? Are you discovering this shit?

  3. Yea, they have another reunion tour for late fall. How was the show? And I dont really know what you mean by your last question.