Monday, November 1, 2010

Nas Demos: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

While the cutting autumn air and the colorful leaves turns me to the usual "fall music," for some reason I'm also drawn to some classic Hip-Hip sounds. Call me crazy, but there's somethin' about lazy, fuzzy sample loops and smooth, spitting lyrics that just feels "right" in fall and winter. But getting down to business, my offering today is Nas' 1991 Mixtape. While it's not as emotionally stirring or haunting as Illmatic or as purely produced as It Was Written, it is still very very good hip-hop by anyone's standards. On "Back to the Grill" Nas employs the help of MC Serch, a Jewish-American rapper who also hails from the Queens area. The monotone yet steady refrain is reminiscent of Tribe's "Scenario," and some of the rhymes will have you crying. ("I'm waving automatic guns at nuns") It's been on heavy rotation lately, and I hope you enjoy the tunes of this 18 year-old prodigy as much as I do.

Download in Comments, y'all.



  2. found it here:
    once you sign up, you can download mixtapes for free. there's a lot of shitty stuff to sfit through, but there's nuggets to be found