Sunday, November 14, 2010

Silkworm's Firewater - A "College Favorite" For Years to Come

Like all too many great artists I listen to (The Smiths, The Fall, Tom Waits) Silkworm has admittedly taken me way too long to listen to. I've known about these dudes for some time, but for whatever stupid reason or assumption I had, I'd never listened to a single song by who some consider to be the greatest Matador band of all time. No longer though. Last week I picked up Silkworm's 1996 Firewater. To be honest, I knew that it would be a favorite of mine from the first full listen. The "slack" yet ernest tone of the singer (sorry, I dunno his name) resonates beautifully with me, and obviously the mixture of odd Polvo guitar twisty turns and balls-out crunch of Son Volt distortion appealed to me immediately. It's truly one of the first albums that I can see reminding me of my Freshman year of college, too, no matter how lame that sounds. Theres just a sense of rambling adventure and a down-and-out aesthetic that seems alright to me. Anyhoo, listen up and tell 'em I sent you.

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  2. this is an awesome album, thanks

  3. Cool post man! I haven't heard much from this band before, and I'm really digging the album.