Saturday, November 6, 2010

Groovy Love Nuggets of Love

Here are a few tasty hip-hop comps that have caught mine cracker eye lately. While I'm no aficionado of the genre, I have been immersing myself in the grooves lately, and I've been learning a lot. As with basically any genre of music, there're a lot of honest and real tunes accompanied by a lot of other artists who either aren't really for pure reasons, or just really can't get their dern' jams right. The site which the said compilations come from is Cocain Blunts, a site which caught my eye a month or so ago because of it's great name and it's unique sampling of classic hip-hop acts that I would have not otherwise known. It's a small site containing a "Mixtape Archive" section and various interviews and other articles pertaining to the world of hip-hop. You won't find any auto-tuning or tinny electronic beats here; it's all clever, smooth-flowing MCs accompanied by raw, powerful sample-driven groves. It's always good to re-assure your tastes by finding a site like this that provides a lot of classic stuff, while also spinning in some really unique aspects.
The two comps offered are both "regional" samplings: one containing tracks produced in Atlanta within the years of 1985-1992, and the other showcasing the best from Trenton, NJ from 1986-1991. There's other cool stuff too, boogers, so just looky-poo.

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  1. By the way, those are links to the site, not direct downloads.